EC Symposium 2023
75esimo Anniversario SwissDams

75esimo Anniversario SwissDams

Lo Swiss Day si terrà il 7 settembre 2023 e sarà incentrato sui seguenti punti:

  • Prospettiva storica delle dighe e dei bacini artificiali in Svizzera
  • Sicurezza delle dighe in Svizzera
  • Prospettiva tecnica
  • Prospettiva sociale
  • L’ingegneria delle dighe in Svizzera all’estero
  • Trend e evoluzione: il ruolo delle dighe e dei bacini svizzeri nel 21° secolo
TimeSpeakerTheme of the speech
13:3013:35Prof. Robert Boes President of the Swiss Committee on DamsWelcome address and Introduction
13:3514:00Dr Albert Rösti
Swiss Federal Councillor
Dept. of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications
Welcome address and perspectives of Swiss hydropower and reservoirs in the European energy context
14:0014:20Prof. em.  Anton Schleiss
Hon. President CIGB – ICOLD and STK/CSB
Swiss dams: overview of historical development
14:2014:40Mr. Yves Zumwald
CEO Swissgrid
Energy context in Switzerland and role of Hydropower reservoirs
14:4015:00Dr Patrice Droz
President of the Organizing Committee of ECS2023
Swiss dam engineering in the world
15:0015:40Coffee break 
15:4016:00Mr Alexandre Wohnlich
Member of the Technical board of the Swiss Committee on Dams
Dam heightening in Switzerland
16:0016:20Prof. Emmanuel Reynard
Université de Lausanne
Multi-purpose dams and water resources management in the Alpine context
16:2016:40Prof. em. Willi HagerOutstanding past Swiss dam engineers
16:4017:00Prof. Robert BoesRole of Swiss dams and reservoirs in the future
17:0017:40Coffee break  
17:4018:15Round table moderated by
Dr Nicole Frank, journalist, with
Michel Lino President of CIGB-ICOLD Laurent Mouvet Vice- President of ICOLD-CIGB Serafaina Lazaridou President of the European Club of ICOLD Robert Boes Yves Zumwald Felipe Lazaro Senior Dam Specialist, The World Bank