I temi del simposio sono i seguenti:

12th ICOLD European Club Symposium
"Role of dams and reservoirs in a successful energy transition"
Tema Descrizione
Tema A: Dams and reservoirs for hydropower in Europe Opportunity for energy generation and storage
Large-scale storage reservoirs
Pumped storage reservoirs
New energy potential (PV, ...)
Efficiency increase of existing schemes
Tema B: Dams and reservoirs for climate change adaptation in Europe Balancing extreme hydrological conditions (floods, droughts)
Protection against floods
Protection against other natural hazards (mass movements, glacier lake outburst floods, …)
Irrigation and water supply
Multipurpose dams
Tema C: Impact mitigation of dams and reservoirs in Europe Environmental flows
Sediment continuum
Fish passage
Greenhouse gas emissions
Tema D: How to deal with ageing dams and levees in Europe Dam safety
Upgrade and refurbishment
Extension and renewal
Incorporating new purposes

Questi temi, così come tutte le più rilevanti informazioni pratiche, possono essere consultati anche sul volantino dell'evento.